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chandra oil



pilu oil   [2011/05/11]
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pilu oil

Name -pilu oil botanical name -salvadora percics oil parts of uses -leaves fruits root bark stem bark seeds oil use LEAVES-the leaves are eaten as a vegetable in the easterm tropical africa and are used in the preparation of a squce of a and shoots and leaves are eaten as salad as salad leaves are bitter in a taste corrective deobstruent astringent to the bowels tonic to the liver diuretic angalesic anthelemintic and useful in ozena and nase triubles piles scabies leuwderma lessening inflammationand strengthening the teeth leanes are pungent and are considered in punjb as an antidote to poison of all sorts and south of mumbai as an external applications in rheumatirm the juice of the leanes is also used in scurvy use FRUIT-FRUIT ARE SWEET AND edible a fermented drink is reported to be made from the fruites fruits possiss deobstruent carminative diuretic lithontrptic and stomachic proerties and are used in billiusness and rheumastism in sind it is belivved that fruits have a good effect on snake bite root bark- root bark is used as a vesicant and is emply as an ingredient of snuff A paste of the roots is applied as a subtiture for mustard plaster and their decoctionis used against eionorrhea and vesical catarrh of the bark is used as a tonicin aminorrhea and the dose of the decoction is half a teacupful teacupful toice daily and as a stimulant in low fevers and as an emmenagogue stem bark- stem bark is used as an ascarifuge and also n eiastric troubles seeds oil- seeds oil hav bitter and sharp taste. they are used as purgative diuretic and tonic seed oil is applied on the skin in rheumatirm

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