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Citron  [2014/03/27]
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What is a citron?
A citron refers to the citron tree or its fruits. It is widely found in East Asia. Known to be first created in China as a hybrid of the sour mandarin and Ichang papeda, the citron made its way to the Korean peninsula and Japan during the Tang Dynasty. The citron has a nice fragrance and its pulp is soft and acidic. The different types of citron include cheongyuja, hwangyuja and silyuja. The citron is produced in Korea, China and Japan, with the Korean citron having a thick peel and being the most fragrant. The main domestic regions producing the citron are Goheung, Wando and Jindo of Jeollanam-do, accounting for 60% of production within Korea.

Origins of the citron?
As the citron grows in the wilds near the upstream of the Yangtze River, from Sichuan, Hubei, Yunnan and Gansu Province to Tibet, these regions are considered to be producing areas of the citron fruit which is assumed to be a natural hybrid of the Ichang papeda and the mandarin orange.
Though when the citron arrived in Korea is not clearly known, it was circulated by word of mouth that the fruit, which Jang Bogo brought from the Tang Dynasty, spread and propagated in the southern coast during the 2nd year of King Munmu's reign(year 840) or possible even earlier.
According to domestic records, the Sejong Chronicles, the citron was planted in Jeolla-do and Gyeongsang-do during the 8th year of King Sejong's reign, and its fruit yield was reported to authorities, while a direct inspector surveyed the fruit crops and presented them to higher officials. Also, it was stated according to the Augmented Survey of the Geography of Korea(Dongguk Yeoji Seungram) that "the cirton was produced in the Chonnam area; Yeongnam, Jinjeung, Haenam, Gangjin, Jindo, Suncheon, Nagan, Boseong, Gwangyang and Goheung; as well as the Gyeongnam area; Gonyang, Namhae, Sacheon, Hadong, Changwon, Geoje, Neungcheon and Gijang.

Effects of the Citron?
Prevention and suppression of prostate cancer.
The experimental results, using cell and animal experiments as models, show that the citron extract inhibits prostate cancer cells. In animal experiments where prostate cancer was induced, it was discovered that a steady intake of the citron extract helps to prevent and suppress the occurrence of prostate cancer.

  • It is also extremely effective in preventing arteriosclerosis and hyperlipemia.
  • The citron has excellent anti-cholesterol effects.
  • It contains hesperidin to protect and strengthen capillaries, preventing cerebrovascular disease and stroke.
  • With 3 times more vitamin C than lemons, it is extremely effective in the prevention of colds, neuralgia and stroke.
  • Rich in various organic acids, potassium, calcium and minerals, it not only helps to relieve fatigue and indigestion but it is also especially good for the skin.

What is the citron cluster agency of Goheung,
Wangdo and Jindo County?

1. Manages the citron produce of Goheung, Wando and Jindo, which comes out tops in fragrance, color, taste and nutrition, leading in the commercialization of world's best citron products through strict quality management.
2. Develops various new citron products with medical properties such as anti-metabolic syndrome, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and anti-obesity effects.
3. Creates citron processing companies, citron farms, specialized distribution companies and value-chains, expanding the domestic consumer base for processed citron products, while concentrating on efforts to secure an overseas export market.

Citron foods cluster agency
Business promotion

The citron cluster agency always strives fro the success of the citron industry.

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