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Chemical Seasoning  [2014/10/28]
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Chemical Seasoning

Dear Sir/Madam,



Wishing you the best luck of your company.


I am Martin Jang, an export manager of FOOD EN LTD.(, Korea.

Our company FOOD EN LTD. was established in 1994 as a supplier of Korean food materials.


Our main customers are hotel, restaurant, department store, food franchise company, big-box store, school etc.

We are producing some products by OEM with our brand and sell it to domestic and foreign markets.

We control customers' order with high tech customer relationship management.

And our most foreign and domestic customer always trust our good supplying capacity.


Our main products are below.

Seasoning : Chemical seasoning, natural seasoning, sugar, salt, flour etc.

Away foods : Salted and pickled vegetables, burdock boiled down in soy sauce, salted seafoods etc

Fat and oils : Soybean oil, sesame oil, perilla oil, chilli oil, margarine, seasoningoil etc.

Noodles and Tteok(rice cake) : Korean wheat noodles, Korean rice noodles, instant noodles, ramyeon(ramen), cellophane(yam) noodles, glass noodles, tteokguk, rice-cake soup, spicy cold chewy noodles(jjolmyeon), tteok(rice cake), seasoned rice cake etc.

Fermented soy : Soy sauce(Ganjang), red pepper paste(gochujang), fermented soybean paste(doenjang), ssamjang, vinegar, mayonnaise, starch syrup, black pepper etc.

Drink and canned foods : Coffee, canned soft drink, canned corn, canned tea, juice,

Cake of tofu(bean curd)

Fish cake


We have the full sanitary facilities and HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certificates.

And our main export countries are Rusia, China, Japan,Singapore, Hong Kong etc.


And we are doing our best to supply with best quality Korean food materials to you.

It would be great for us to have a chance talking with you.

If you send the inquiry to us, we will immediately reply and support to you.


Thank you so much.


Sincerely yours,


Export manager  Martin Jang



Address : 224-1, Banyeo-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea

Tel.: +82-10-5142-4321

Fax.: +82-51-743-1979






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Korean red pepper paste(gochujang)

Korean fermented soybean paste(doenjang)

Korean ssamjang

Block of tofu

bean curd






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icon Address 67, Seonsuchon-ro 208beonga-gil, Haeundae-guBusan, 612809
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