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Coffee, Spices

Coffee, Spices
Donggok-made Yeoju Hyanggi  [2016/06/28]
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Donggok-made Yeoju Hyanggi

Donggok made yeoju hyanggi

Korea-origin bitter gourd extract 100%, 130ml, 30 sachets
Korea-origin bitter gourd extract boiled more than 48 hours with a far-infrared low-temperature extract device.

Yeoju(bitter gourd), a vine plant covered by an elliptical hump-like bumps, grows well in hot and humid climate. It is mainly harvested in the summer in Korea.

It is called as bitter gourd, balsam apple or balsam pear variously in different regions – goya in Japan and impala(?) in the Philippines. It stands well against heat and thus it is not destroyed even after heat cooking, and is being widely introduced through TV programs and other media.

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