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Onion Taste Laver Snack (Gimme Gimme_Onion)  [2015/03/17]
(Gimme Gimme (Onion Taste))
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Onion Taste Laver Snack (Gimme Gimme_Onion)

Product Introduction

  • Onion Taste Laver Snack is produced with onion and turmeric added to traditional taste laver snack which generates the unique taste of onion and curry being preferred by people at all ages for refreshment and eatables.

Raw materials

  • Domestic traditional green laver
  • Domestic glutinous rice
  • Domestic onion etc.

Package Unit

  • Refreshment and eatables: 30g pouch
  • Side dish: 15g pouch
  • Bulk size: Package unit to be discussed separately

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GitDeum is the Korea's traditional food manufacturer. Our company has produce professionally Seaweed Crunch made from laver. Also, our company has very special Seaweed Crunch like onion taste, garlic taste and seasoning taste.