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Godbawee Food Co., Ltd.

Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed

Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed
Godbawee Seaweed Snack  [2015/01/06]
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Godbawee Seaweed Snack

A Variety of Products Including
Original and Kimchi-flavored
Exports to 15 Countries

Food is indispensable for living. In the modern society where a variety of foods is supplied in plenty and numerous places serve and sell good food, the indispensable has become a source of pleasure. Now, many people have a hard time choosing where and what kind of food to enjoy. To help others make the decision, we often share information on a couple of places we like the most. The places we recommend can vary from a big franchise restaurant run by a large company to a small eatery located on an unfrequented alley with just a few tables to welcome customers. If the place is small, you usually need to put up with the inconvenience of waiting to be seated for one or two hours during the busiest hours.
Godbawee Food located in the city of Boryeong in South Chungcheong Province can be likened to a small-sized restaurant. The company offers seaweed products that are not as famous as those produced by large food companies. However, those who have tried the seaweed products of Godbawee appreciate them for the excellent taste and quality. There is even a sort of a loyal fandom of the company’s products.


Up-to-date Production Facilities Certified with ISO9001 and HACCP

Godbawee has evolved from a household-run business established in 1996 to a medium-sized enterprise equipped with up-to-date automated facilities. It is exporting a variety of dried and seasoned seaweed products to 15 countries including the US and Japan. Such impressive growth has been based on the excellence of the products in terms of taste and quality. Godbawee makes the products with only the raw ingredients that are rated as first grade by the seaweed production area. For example, they use the best quality seaweed from Haenam and Wando in South Jeolla Province. In addition, most of the Godbawee products use sun-dried salt. The company refrains from adding chemical seasonings, but uses olive oil for the health of consumers.
Mr. Kim Young-jin, Director of Godbawee, said that Godbawee differentiates its products from the branded products of large companies with taste and quality. Consumers learn about them through word of mouth and flock to purchase them, even though Godbawee does not hold any promotional events. He reminisced about the past when the factory of the company was very small and produced a limited amount of products, so that consumers had to wait in a long queue to try the seaweed products of Godbawee.
As the volume of orders grew, Godbawee installed modernized production facilities to ensure the hygiene and safety of the food products. In addition, it acquired ISO9001 and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certifications to increase the products’ competitive power in terms of quality.

Full-scale Effort to Pioneer Overseas Markets from 2006

Originally, Godbawee mainly distributed its products through direct orders from consumers and did not supply the products to major supermarkets or wholesale stores. In 2002, however, the company decided to participate in Foodex Japan in order to expand its markets and production facilities. Mr. Kim explains, “Japanese buyers heard of the excellent taste and quality of our products and they contacted us first, leading to the initial export deal, so even our exports started through the grapevine.”
The full-scale exports began in 2006. Godbawee was able to export its products directly to overseas markets after the company went through mandatory export procedures and made other practical preparations. Since then, Godbawee has been actively participating in food exhibitions to promote the seaweed products to overseas buyers. Mr. Kim explained that the amount of the exports, which was a mere USD$ 100,000 at the initial stage, has now increased to USD$1.55 million a year. He is expecting the export volume to reach USD$2 million due to the introduction of products to the Chinese market last year.


Additional Information

Other Sea Mustard Products Exported by Godbawee

In addition to seaweed products, Godbawee is also exporting other types of sea mustard products. The main ingredient, sea mustard, is purchased from the cultivation areas in Wando County (South Jeolla Province) and Gijang County (Busan City). Both areas are renowned for the production of high-quality sea mustard. Among the variety of Godbawee’s sea mustard products, Cup Sea mustard is the most popular. Each package contains 15g of dried sea mustard, which is enough to prepare a sea mustard soup meal for a family of four. Mr. Kim said, “We also provide a recipe for sea mustard soup for foreign consumers who don’t know how to make the soup.” He adds proudly, “Godbawee was the first in Korea to develop Sea mustard Cup, a product with a small amount of dried sea mustard to be made directly into a meal.

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