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Cereal, Milling products

Cereal, Milling products
perilla (wild sesame) powder  [2015/09/02]
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perilla (wild sesame) powder


Premium Gong Gyesoon Fresh Perilla Powder

Perilla seed is good for strengthening energy, preventing artery hardening, improving skin

condition, and preventing constipation. It contains linolenic acid and vitamin E and F included in

Omega 3. Furthermore, rosemarinic acid contained in perilla seed helps to treat prostate-related

diseases of men and has anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, and anti-cancer effects.

Premium Gong Gyesun Fresh Perilla Powder is made by peeling off and roasting perilla seeds for

consumers to simply and deliciously have the rich nutrients. It is a natural product without any

additives, frying, or roasting.



 - Spray on salad, add in soup, fried vegetable, cookies or breads

- Add in a number of eastern dishes including noodles, dumpling soup, stews, soups, sea mustard

  soup, or a variety of edible green dishes

- Mix with honey, sugar, or salt in warm water as a tea

- Mix with milk, soybean milk, or yogurt

- Mix with or spray on fish or meat dishes to eliminate fishy smell and to enhance taste and


- Perilla seed powder helps digestion and absorption when it is mixed with fresh or roasted grain


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