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Fat, Oil

Fat, Oil
Sesame oil  [2015/08/20]
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Sesame oil


Premium Gong Gyesun Sesame Seed Oil

Gong Gyesoon Sesame Seed Oil of Gong Food is the best quality oil with the distinguished

taste as it is made by cold-pressing the best quality sesame seed strictly selected by

 masters who have been extracting oil for more than 40 years.

Sesame seed contains fat by around 50%; protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, and

phosphorous by around 22%; and a quantity of amino acids, lysin, methionine, histidine,

and leucine. Furthermore, it has a good storage quality because of anti-oxidant ingredients

including sesamin and sesamolin.  

It has a slightly sweet taste and nut scent because it is slightly toasted on low heat and

extracts oil.  

Sesame seed oil enhances the scent and taste of food when it is added on food before

being served without being used for baking or frying food on high heat.



- salad dressing, Bibimbap, edible green dishes, meat dishes including Bulgogi,

  mixed vegetable dishes



Dry and cool place

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