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Preps. of Vegs., Fruit, Nuts

Preps. of Vegs., Fruit, Nuts
One Meal  [2014/12/16]
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One Meal

One Meal

One Meal is a good treat for your meal made of 43 different kinds of grains, vegetables, fruits and seaweeds. Especially, One Meal can be a good substitute for the people in the modern era for a simple but good meal, providing balanced nutrients every morning and evening.

The product contains 120kcal, low saline, vegetables and abundant dietary fibre. One Meal is packed by an amount of rjust a meal. So, the product can be eaten as an alternative meal when mixed with the wild herbs from Gansan Farm. It helps the xustomers who wish to lose weight with the low 120kcal

By strictly selecting ingredients not treated with agrichemicals, herbicides, plant growth regulators, and chemical fertilizers, Gangsan Farm earnestly produces healthy, natural products. no preservatives and artificial additives are used.

Contents : 30g x 30bags

Original materials & ingredients : Organic brown rice 30.19%, Rye 15%, Corn 7%, Wheat 2%, Sticky brown rice 5%, Adlay 5%, Soy bean 3%, Black bean 0.5%, Medicinal bean 5%, 0.5T, Millet 0.5%, Durra 0.5%, Black medicinal rice 4%, Spinach 5%, Estern prickly pear power 2%, Helianthus tuberosus powder 1%, Mulberry leaves 1%, Salicornia herbacea 1%, Pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage, lotus root, burdock, Lentinus edode, carrot, sweet potato, potato, green tea, kale, Cornus officinalis, mugwort, persimmon leaves, Angelica, laver, kelp, brown seaweed, apple, citron, nuts(so far domestic ingredients), Silyum husk powder(imported), Chicory root extracts powder(imported), Chia seed powder(imported)

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