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Pine Pollen  [2014/12/16]
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Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen

The sprouts of the red pines are matured in a traditional jar for more than three years. The pine gree flavor refreshes the mind and body while strengthening the functions of the heart and lungs. Drink it with warm water for winter and cool water for summer.

According to Boncho Gakmok(The Book of Herbal Medicine), the flowers of pine trees are claimed to "strengthen the heart and purifies blood, thus, prevents hypertension or palsy. It is highly effective in fighting various adult diseases".

Contents : 375ml

Original materials & ingredients : Pine Sprouts(Korea-grown)
(Red sprouts 50%, oligo saccharide 35%, raw sugar 15%)

Recommended use : Drink by diluting pine pollen extract in cold or warm water in the ratio of 1:5 for the whole day. For better taste and flavor, add ice.

*Flowers of Pine Tree : In Gangsan Farm, new sprouting flowers of red pine trees are picked about the time when the pine flower powder gets yellow. They are fermented in a traditional jar for more than three years. This product is used as hot tea for winter and cool beverage in summer. The flowers of pine tree can only be picked in the beginning of May for about 10 days in a year, thus, Korean ancestors served it to a guest as a precious food. The flowers of pine tree were used for food by our Korean ancestors and the Royal Court.

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