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Coffee, Spices
Stir-fried Red-pepper Paste(Hand-made)  [2016/05/31]
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Stir-fried Red-pepper Paste(Hand-made)

Red-pepper paste

Red-pepper paste, as a nutritionally outstanding food, has contained plenty of soy protein like soy sauce, fermented soybean and carbohydrates included in glutinous rice, barley, etc. as well as a savory and pungent Korean condiment made from red pepper powder.

  1. It contains a lot of nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamin B2, vitamin C which are beneficial for human health.
  2. It is an excellent source of protein even if protein content is less than those of Soybean products.
  3. Due to the activation of starch degrading enzyme and proteolytic enzyme in fermented soybean, it stimulates digestion.
  4. Various microbes help activate intestinal regulation.
  5. Due to capsaicin effect in chili peppers, it helps remove waste in the body and various diseases can be prevented or treated. Also it helps to lose one's weight as a diet food.

The feature of stir-fried red-pepper paste(hand-made)

  1. From old times, red-pepper paste has been stir-fried to enhance its delicate taste. In order to revive a traditional way of production, we have cut beef, anchovy, dried pollack, hiziki in small pieces and stir-fried them with various seasonings and then mixed it with red-pepper paste after the sterilization.
    This product has preserved its original taste as well as natural state of raw materials.
  2. Based on our technical knowhow, we have produced this product with
    our utmost sincerity by using dried pollack from uncontaminated sea,hiziki from jeju island and fresh anchovy, Korean beef, etc.
  3. Volume : 500g/ 100g(one piece)
  4. Product can be ordered in sets depending on the country/buyer.
  5. Currently available in sets : 100g x 2ea 1set // 100g x 4ea 1set // 500g x 2ea 1set
  6. Obtained ISO 22000:2005 Certificate/U.S FDA Test Passed

the Rice-Assassin of our home

Housewives are always worried about *Banchan (*refers to small dishes of food served along with cooked rice in Korea).
Consumers prefer this one as a word giving answer to that worry. The strong point of the Farm & Matjjang Stir-fried Red Pepper Paste, i.e, tasty especially when eaten mixed with rice and also it helps to make all kinds of foods delicious if used while cooking, can be recognized at once due to its unique taste and consequently the brand image can be delivered fast.
In addition, the strong point that can cook new dishes easily to keep pace with the 2014 new food trend can be a point of appeal of the Farm&Matjjang. Also, with its friendly naming, it will be referred easily and conveniently among consumers and chosen.

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100g x 2ea set
500g x 2ea set
500g Single Stick
100g x 4ea set

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