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Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed

Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed
Hiziki Sea-Laver  [2016/05/31]
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Hiziki Sea-Laver

The features of "Hiziki" sea-laver(hand-made)
1. No drying by hot blowing : It has preserved its natural flavor because we didn't use any hot blowing system.
2. Raw seaweed → forming of laver → seasoning of laver(adding oil, salt) → 5-6 days of aging process → toasting of laver by hand → packing.
3. Minor ingredients : Perilla oil, sesame oil, seasoned salt(without artificial flavor).
4. Toasted at 400?C to keep its natural taste.
5. Original taste of sea-laver can be enjoyed.
6. First production of "Hiziki" sea-laver(hand-made) in Korea.
7. Added artificial additive.

"Hiziki" sea-laver
We have processed the best seaweeds to keep its natural taste and flavor.
Place of origin : West coast.
Place of processing : Seocheon, Chungnam, Korea.

What's Hiziki fusiformis?
As the best alkaline food in the seaweeds, it contains more than 10 times high amount of inorganic salts, calcium, 4 times high iron content than that of pork. Hence, it is called an elixir plant in the sea.
Also, it contains plenty of nutrients such as dietary fiber, mineral, iodine, vitamin, etc. that may be insufficient in our diet.

Nutrition of "Fusiforme"
20 times of freshwater eel for zinc
15 times of milk for calcium
550 times of milk for iron / Brand

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