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Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed

Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed
OYSTER SEAWEED  [2015/09/02]
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Tongyeong Oyster Seaweed didn’t use any salt but created its own fresh taste by using the oyster concentration extract, so on top of its exiting flavor of the seaweed itself, much richer and savory taste was combined.

Not much of oil will be smeared to your hands, and there is NO smell of grease.


How many times should seaweed be toasted to be most tasty and crispy?

After thousands of test and research Hae Dam On has found the ever perfect temperature and the exact number of toast needed.

To become the most tasty seaweed it needs to be toasted twice at 230, once at 320.

Tongyeong Oyster Seaweed is much crispier and cruncher by toasting 3 times.





Tongyeong Oyster Seaweed Main Strength and Characteristics – Patented for using the Steamed Oyster Concentration

Squeezed Lemon is added

Don’t worry about oyster smell

The squeezed lemon alleviate the unique taste of the oyster, and increases the flavor of the seaweed and also helps in iron absorption.

Furthermore, it prolongs the freshness of the product

By careful thoughts for the health of our valued customers, Tongyeong Oyster Seaweed is being produced in a hygienic environment.

We‘ve researched to create the best suitable oil that can create most fresh and tasty seaweed.

Tognyeong Oyster Seaweed uses only small amount of oil thus it doesn’t make your hands oily,

and there is no oil remnant inside the seaweed container.

With small amount of oil, Tongyeong Oyster Seaweed is tastier, cleaner, and healthier.

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