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Cauldron Eco-Friendly Onion Concentrate  [2014/05/15]
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Cauldron Eco-Friendly Onion Concentrate

Unlike common onions, it is produced with extra care and it features a smooth taste and quick absorption into the body.
We use only eco-friendly onions and extract the pure ingredient of onions after heating with a weak fire for 48 hours.

You can feel the taste of onions only produced by Haegarden.
The Onion Concentrate decocted with the utmost care in a cauldron! Experience something special!

Product Features

  1. It is a product customized for customers.
    If you place an order, we start to produce the product suitable for the customer.
  2. It is heated in the cauldron with a weak fire for long time.
    Because it is heated in low temperatures and low pressure cauldron, the molecular structure turns into a form that is easy to take in.
  3. We use eco-friendly onions.
    You can believe the onion quality because we purchase it from ‘Han sal lim’ which supplies safe food such as organic agricultural products.
  4. We don’t use pigments, MSG and preservatives.
    We don’t add any kinds of additives to making it look good or to preserve it for a long time or for it taste good. It contains only natural onions from nature.
  5. It is rich in nutrients from onions
    Especially, it is good for people who eat a lot of meat.


  • Quantity: 70g x 60 pouches
  • Ingredient: onions 100%

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