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Fermentation - Delicious Garlic  [2014/05/15]
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Fermentation - Delicious Garlic

How to eat good and healthy garlic
It is eco-friendly fermented garlic. Everyone can enjoy it because its spicy taste has been removed.

Product Features

  1. It is rich in nutrients from onions.
    It is one of top 10 healthy foods selected by Time magazine. Everyone can enjoy it because its spicy taste and flavor has been neutralized.
  2. It tastes good due to fermentation.
    We have included enzymes in the pack which were made by going through the process of fermenting microorganism for more than 6 months.
  3. All generation can enjoy it.
    For people who needed ingredients from onion but avoided it because of its spicy taste, we have lessened the spicy taste of onions.
    Anyone who needs the ingredients from onions can easily drink this since it contains light-guava fermented agent.
  4. We keep our promise of adding absolutely No additives.
    We don’t add harmful additives at all based on the principle of No MSG, No preservatives, and No food coloring.

The Stubbornness of Haegarden

  1. All the products have come to the world through 10 years of research.
    We have developed all the products in a traditional way for 10 years.
  2. We only use the right raw material, which is made by the soil, the sun and the wind without any pesticides.
  3. It must be tasty.
    We have been producing gastropod concentrates and gastropod product line for 10 years. Many people have taken it and experienced its positive effects.
    But it was hard to get people accustomed to the taste first. In the beginning, it tasted awful, but now, even kids and women drink it without any hesitation.
  4. Small amount is enough because it is concentrated.
    It’s not in a big pack, but just a small 15ml pack. So, it is easy to carry and drink.
  5. It is made in Jaecheon, the hometown of herbs.
    It is made in the city where the air and water are clean. It is developed under the joint research by Chungcheongbuk-do Techno Park and Jecheon Herbal Cluster up to the release of the product.


  • Quantity: 15ml x 60 pouches
  • Ingredients: garlic extract 95.5%, fermented delicious guava 4.5%

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