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HAEGARDEN Semisulcospira Libertina Soybean Paste Soup  [2014/05/15]
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HAEGARDEN Semisulcospira Libertina Soybean Paste Soup

It is a soup with natural gastropod, leeks and native soy bean sauce without MSG in the cauldron. It can be considered as basic gastropod soup.

Product Characteristics

  1. It is a soup with natural gastropod, leeks and native soy bean sauce without MSG in the cauldron. It provides deep and thick taste of soy bean sauce and chewy texture gastropod.
  2. It’s the basic gastropod soup
  3. Busy people can enjoy it simply. And it is packed into a small amount for easy cooking.
  4. It might be uncomfortable but it was refrigerated not to add any additives.
  5. You might feel some foreign matters like grains, but it’s just eggs of gastropod. Don’t worry about it.

Haegarden’s Stubbornness

  1. We use clean gastropod which is taken in clean areas under permission.
  2. We don’t add any additives at all. We add radish, dried red peppers, and mushrooms without MSG.
  3. We use 100% domestic raw materials with the mind of how we would make it if we were to feed our kids.
  4. It tastes good.
  5. Just like grandmother cooking delicious soup without adding MSG and additives, we cook it with only gastropod and supplementary materials.
  6. Haegarden, the-proper-natural-bio-material-using healing food manufacturer, produces it.
    Proper meal is the basis of good health.
    We will research and develop food with the mind that health starts from proper food.


  • Quantity: 600g(for 2 serving)
  • Ingredients: 21% gastropod, 21% the flesh of gastropod, 14% soy bean paste, 26% radish, 8% carrot, 6% leek, 5% mushroom, 4% flammuling kelp, 1.2% shiitake mushroom, 0.8% red pepper seed, 0.4% dried pepper, 0.4% red pepper, 0.5% garlic

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