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Marsh Snail Clean Soup From Iron Pot [HAEGARDEN Semisulcospira Libertina Soup]  [2014/05/15]
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Marsh Snail Clean Soup From Iron Pot [HAEGARDEN Semisulcospira Libertina Soup]

Marsh Snail Clean Soup from Iron Pot [HAEGARDEN Semisulcospira libertina soup]

It is clean marsh snail soup that is clean and refreshing as it has been boiled putting leeks into the bluish marsh snail broth.
It is characterized by green meat broth peculiar to marsh snail and spicy soup.

-Report number: Jecheon sanitation permit number 2002-0001
-Product type: Processed marine products
-Contents: 600g (for 2 persons)
-Name of ingredients: Marsh snail flesh 14%, leeks 7%, enokitake 6%, red pepper 0.5%, mixed extract of marsh snail (solid portion 2.5%) 72.5% [marsh snail 17%, radish 20%, carrot 6.2%, kelp 2.9%, salt 1.35%, dry pyogo mushroom 1%, garlic 0.35%, red pepper seed 0.9%, dry red pepper 0.3% and purified water]

Features of the product

  1. It is a product boiled after putting leeks into the bluish marsh snail broth.
  2. It is marsh snail soup that the busy moderns can enjoy simply.
    : It is a ready-to-eat packing that can take warm anywhere as cooking time was reduced.
  3. Genuine taste of deep and rich marsh snail broth can be felt.
    : It is a product that can feel original taste of marsh snail since marsh snail and marsh snail broth have been boiled not seasoning with any spices.
  4. Additives like MSG etc have not been used at all.
    : Additives have not been used to help keep taste original to the material, and freeze-packing has been applied as it did not use additives.

Stubbornness of HAEGARDEN

  1. We use clean marsh snail.
    : Only the domestically-produced marsh snail gathered rightfully having a concession in an uncontaminated area is used.
  2. We do not put food additives.
    : MSG, preservative and pigment have not been put, but, natural materials such as radish, dry red pepper and pyogo mushroom, etc have been used so as to produce kelp taste familiar to the Korean people.
  3. We use 100% domestically-produced materials.
    : We manufacture with domestic raw materials in a mind-set to let my family eat.
  4. 'HAEGARDEN', a right natural life material healing food manufacturer, makes.
    : A right meal is basics of health. Research?development has been done in a mind-set that health begins from the right food.

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