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Sunhee Park Marsh Snail Natural Masterpiece 36+6 [MP. Nature 36 PLUS 6]  [2014/05/15]
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Sunhee Park Marsh Snail Natural Masterpiece 36+6 [MP. Nature 36 PLUS 6]

Sunhee Park Marsh Snail Natural Masterpiece 36+6 [MP. Nature 36 PLUS 6]

M is the first letter of Male.
It has been prepared for father who got tired of excessive work and responsibility to support family.
It has been manufactured to drink conveniently as put Puerariae flos, kudzu-vine and Citrus unshiu Markovich, etc to the marsh snail.

-Report number: Jechoen sanitation permit number 2002-0001
-Product type: Extracted process food
-Contents (1box): 70g×30 pieces of pouch
-Manufacturing method: Extraction
-Name of ingredients: Mixed concentrate of marsh snail (solid portion 2.5%) [marsh snail 22%, Pueraria lobata (Wild.) Ohwi, root of kudzu, frustus amomi, White Poria cocos Wolf, Citrus unshiu Markovich, Atractylodes japonica Koidzumi and purified water]
-Country of origin: The Republic of Korea

Features of the product

  1. Puerariae flos and marsh snail were contained into a one.
    : As extracted from marsh snail, Puerariae flos and kudzu-vine, it helps activate father who is tired of various stress and frequent dining in his work place.
  2. We inspect carefully from the materials to be put into the product.
    : It is produced through harsh sorting process not only on Puerariae flos, kudzu-vine, fructus amomi (seed), White Poria cocos Wolf (sclerotium), Citrus unshiu Markovich and Atractylodes japonica Koidzumi, etc to be put into the product but on marsh snail gathered in an uncontaminated area.
  3. We keep 3 nos.
    : As we make it a rule to keep no MSG, no preservative and no pigment, only the ingredients of marsh snail and extract from Puerariae flos, root of kudzu etc have been contained not putting any food additives. It has been manufactured with our utmost sincerity excluding the use of harmful ingredients or substances to the human body into the natural life material.
  4. We grafted oriental herb and Bio Tech together.
    : It is made in Jecheon, the home of the oriental herb bio expo that water is clean and air is fresh. It is made jointly researching, developing with Choongbuk Tekno Park and Jecheon Oriental Herb Cluster.

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