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Masihana matdeul beef seasoning  [2014/09/01]
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Masihana matdeul beef seasoning

[ Product Description ]

Masihana Matdeul Beef Seasoning

- The deep taste of beef leg bone soup!
- The traditional taste of Korea: The deep taste of our mother's care
- Conveniently make beef soup: The taste of beef and beef leg bone soup is deep and tasteful
- The taste of fresh vegetable and sauces: Vegetables like garlic, onion and pepper with added sauces, make the taste more rich.

- When beef taste is needed for soups such as bean sprout soup, spinach soup, radish soup, kimchi soup and others
- When deep taste is needed for soups such as rice cake soup, dimsum soup, ox bone soup and others
- When beef taste is needed for boiled, fried food

*Method of Use:
- When making a soup for a single person, add 1 tea spoon(5g) of seasoning. (Variable depending on the person's taste)
- It is best to adjust the taste after using our beef seasoning prior hand.

- Avoid high temperature, moisture and direct sunlight. (You may avoid the product drying up by sealing the content and keeping it refrigerated)

[ Product Specifications ]

Product Name: Masihana Matdeul Beef Seasoning
Content: 2kg
Product Type: Combined Seasoning
Ingredients & Content: White salt, Starch, L-Sodium Glutamate, Refined Sugar, Dextrin, Sauce Powder, Concentrate Seasoning Base, Beef Powder
Special Ingredients & Content: Fresh Meat Beef 0.1%
Allergy Inducing Materials: Soybean, Wheat
Date of Expiry: Designed date on right hand front side
Packaging Materials(Interior): Polyethylene
Manufacturer: HAEMA Co., Ltd.

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