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Abishag Fruit Chip  [2014/06/12]
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Abishag Fruit Chip

Abishag fruit chips are completely different from baked or fried snack

Using the low temperature heat-wind drying technology. Abishag fruit chips retain the fruit’s original flavor, taste, color and shape as it is.

The 100% dried fruits such as apples, strawberry, grapes, persimmons, peaches, figs and oranges are a healthy low-calorie snack for both growing children and adults in particularly ladies who want to have a slim body line.

Abishag fruit chips can be enjoyed as a topping for ice-cream or yogurt. It can be also a balanced healthy diet with milk or cereal on your busy morning.

No additives and sugar-free

Abishag Fruit Chip is an well-being food that have no food preservatives and additives, not to mention sugar.

Abishag Fruit Chip Types

The 100% dried fruits such as apples. pear, persimmons, oranges, grapes, figs, strawberry and bananas. (Weight : 14g)

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