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Miyeok(Seaweed) Kimchi  [2015/06/05]
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Miyeok(Seaweed) Kimchi

Miyeok(Seaweed) Kimchi

Miyeok(Seaweed) contains plenty of calcium - often called milk of the sea - and iodine. As calcium is indispensable for forming human bones and teeth, and iodine promotes high metabolism, it is good for growing children and women who delivered of a child. It also keeps cholesterol rates from increasing, which is good for old people. Jungdrin HanSung Miyeok Kimchi contains not just seaweed but also cabbage leaves, leaf-mustard, yellow pepper, and carrot in a roll of sliced radish which is bound by dropwort. As it has various colors and flavors of each vegetable, it can be served as an excellent appetizer for all around year.

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