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Patent Kimchi, Wellbeing Kimchi  [2016/03/04]
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Patent Kimchi, Wellbeing Kimchi

"The Korean Kimchi Masterpiece"

All the making processes of Hansung Kimchi from the careful selection of various ingredients to the production and the packaging are strictly controlled for sanitation and quality in order to create the best possible taste of Kimchi.

Since establishment of Hansung Food, kimchi has been cultivated as the flagship product. By being chosen as the supplier for 1986 Asian Games, 1988 Olympics and 02 Busan Asian Games, our kimchi has been recognized as the kimchi that represents Korea.
We are the industry leader with daily production capacity of 150 ton.

Excellence of Hansung Kimchi

  1. We only use pure Korea ingredients that are fresh and safe.
  2. Our Kimchi is made neatly and properly with carefully selected 100% Korean agricultural products and Korean ingredients with superior quality.
  3. We do not use any additives like food colors of preservatives harmful to human body.
  4. Full of spices and seasoning, this Kimchi has a true taste holding the deep rich flavor and smell of the original ingredients.
  5. We insist only on tasty Kimchi made by the first grand kimchi master, Kim Soon Ja.
  6. Acquired the U.S. FDA Certification and passed a sanitation audit of the Department of Defense


  • Patent Kimchi - Kkannip Yangbaechu Mari Kimchi, Mini roll Bossam Kimchi, Seaweed Kimchi, etc., 20kinds of Kimchi.
  • Wellbeing Kimchi -Ginseng Pogi Kimchi, Ginseng White Kimchi, etc., 10 kinds of Kimchi
  • Kimchis - Kimchis-Pogi Kimchi, Mat Kimchi, Altari, White Kimchi, Radish Kimchi, Bossam Kimchi, Dolsatgat Kimchi, Ulgalri Kimchi, Young Radish Kimchi, Green Onion Kimchi, Godulpagi, Sesame Leaf Kimchi, Dongchimi, Gotchuli, Nabak Kimchi, Cucumber Sobbagi Kimchi, Cucumber Kimchi, Sukbagji, Leek, Nammyun, Bomdong, Shredded Radish, Pickled Chinese Cabbage, Radish pickled Kimchi, Haruna Kimchi, etc., 200kinds of Kimchi

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