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Side Dishes Business  [2014/12/15]
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Side Dishes Business

"With mother's heart and taste"

We insist on the best taste with carefully selected ingredients from clean environment with mineral water.

We are expanding our side dish business from just being a part group dining business to entering into large scale distribution shops and pushing forward for side dish specialty stores franchise business.


  • Picked Vegetables and Seafood - Pickled Red Pepper, Pickled Dried Radish, Pickled Round Garlic , Pickled Crab in Soya Sauce, Cucumber Changachi, Pickled Shrimps, Pickled Anchovies, Pickled Large-eyed Herrings, Pickled Squids, Pickled Intestines of Wall Eyed Pollack, Pickled Eggs of Wall Eyed Pollack, Pickled Clams, Picked Oysters Pickled Gills, Pickled Gizzard Shed, Picked Hanchi, etc.
  • Seasoned Vegetables and Pothered Herbs - Brown Seaweeds seasoned with Vinegar, Seasoned Chamnamul, Seasoned Wild Rocambole, Pothered Dry Radish Leaves, pothered Sedum, Pothered Spinach, Seasoned Leopard Plant, Seasoned Raw oysters, Pothered Bracken, etc.
  • Soy-boiled Food and Broiled Food - Steamed Egg, Kodari boiled in Soy, Salted Mackerel, Flat Fish boiled in Soy, Beans boiled in Soy, Hairtail boiled in Soy, Dried Walleye, Mixed Dish of Chinese Noodles, Saury boiled in Soy, Dried Walleye, Mixed Dish of Chinese Noodles, Saury boiled in Soy, etc.
  • Fried Food and Roasted Food - Fried Sesame Leaves, Fried Sweet Potatoes, Fried Shrimps, Fried Vegetables, Fried Korean Laver, Fried Kelp with Pepper, Roasted Saury, Roasted EEL, Roasted Seasoned Croaker, etc.

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