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Coffee, Spices

Coffee, Spices
Mulberry Leaf Tea  [2013/04/12]
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Mulberry Leaf Tea

Fermented Mulberry Leaves Tea For Me


- Water substitute (through natural fermentation à roasting leaves à rubbing leaves and washing à roasting mulberry branches)

- Special beverages made from natural fermented mulberry leaves and branches certificated by Yangpyeong Regional Corporation

- Mulberry leaves can strengthen joints and are packed with Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid (GABA), which works as antioxidants and anti-stroke ingredients.

- Also, it is helpful for promoting digestion and keeping a healthy weight as well as stabilizing blood pressure, which is shown positive effects on high blood pressure and diabetes.

- According to old records, drinking cups of leaf tea is beneficial to five viscera and produces energy through joints, and mulberry leaves is good for stabilizing blood vessels thanks to containing 18 times higher ingredients than buckwheat helpful for strengthening capillary walls. In addition, it is good for keeping a healthy weight, promoting digestion, preventing arthritis pain and refreshing the mind.

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