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Prepared cereals

Prepared cereals
Renewallife Cookie  [2013/04/12]
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Renewallife Cookie

Eco City Yangpyeong Rice Cookie is made fromchemical free brown rice and grown in Eco CityYangpyeong. It combines the traditional bakery cookie withbrown rice. As it has a unique design, and is made from thehighest quality ingredients, you can enjoy the rich almondflavor of this home-made style cookie.

High-Fiber Fermented Soy Bean is made from 100% Koreansoy bean, and a bacillus SP HM-6 (strain patented), so itdoesn’t have its typical strong smell. As it is freeze dried, itmaintains the nutrition and bacillus of the soy beans asmuch as possible. As it is a high protein food, it contains richdietary fiber. So it is good for the intestines movement andevacuation

Renewallife Honey Rooibos Tea?(Organic material 100% Certified by ECOCERT)It is blended tea with Rooibos and Honeybush. It contains avariety of mineral and has no caffeine. As it is high qualityfermented tea with fragrant and sweet smell, it’s good foreveryone.

Good for taste and health.*3 Berries [Suitable for 6 months and up - sugar free]*Strawberry yogurt [Suitable for 12months and up – coatedwith “Renewal White” developed by Renewallife]*Mulberry leaves&spinach [Suitable for 12months and up –coated with “Renewal White” developed by Renewallife]1. No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or antiseptics added.2. Not fried in oil, it is a healthy organic snack.3. It is not hard or rough. It has been developed to meltgently in the mouth.4. It is made from organic brown rice grown in Eco CityYangpyeong.5. As it is shaped like a crescent, children can hold it easily intheir hands.6. It is low in calories. As there is no strong after-taste, allchildren can enjoy it.

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