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Insan Bamboo Salt  [2015/01/16]
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Insan Bamboo Salt

Traditionally in Korea, bamboo was used as an important medicine material.
Bamboo Salt is invented by a korean doctor, Insan.
INSAN BAMBOO SALT INC. is currently run by the third son of INSAN.

Bamboo Salt is a specially processed salt made of natural sea salt from the Western Sea Coast of the Korean Peninsula. Bamboo trunks that are at least 3 years old are filled with sea salt and plugged with yellow soil at both ends. The prepared bamboo trunks are stacked inside a steel furnace and roasted using the pine tree firewood, pine resin, pure yellow soil and high levels of fire handling technology in a steel furnace.

As the bamboo trunks turn into ash, the minerals of the bamboo and yellow soil are fused with the salt. Finally, the columns are broken down, and such heating process is repeated 8 times. On the 9th time, it is burned at 1400°C.

The liquefied salt, at this level, is now not only infused with vital minerals and elements but also rid of any contaminant from seawater. Bamboo Salt consists of essential minerals and micronutrient necessary for maintaining the human body.

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