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Diatech Korea Co., Ltd.


Prepared cereals

Prepared cereals
Colostrum Powder(Health Supplement)  [2016/08/01]
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Colostrum Powder(Health Supplement)

MuKoBa® -C (Colostrum protein Powder + Probiotics)


MuKoBa® Related products are processed products of various immune factors and growth factors which are extracted from cow colostrums 


  • Main Ingredients : Colostrums protein powder (100%), IgG 25%, IgA 0.7mg, IgM 0.3mg, IGF-1 1.3ug, IGF-2 130ng, EGF 1.2ug, Lactoferrin over 1.2%

  • Content Amount : 
    3g × 60 sachets(180g) – 1 month 
    3g × 30 sachets(90g) – ½ month

  • Manufacturer & Country of Orgin : Dongseo Biopharm(OEM) & South Korea

  • Sales Company: DIATECH Korea Co., Ltd.

  • Purpose:
    - Many kinds of inflammatory Bowel Disease 
    (Ulcerative Colitis, NEC, IBD, IBS, Infectious Diarrhea etc.)
    - Chronic wasting disease
    (Diabetes, Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Aging, CFS etc.)

  • Suggested Use: 1~2 sachet / B.I.D.(take 1~2 sachets twice a day with water & possible empty stomach feeding)

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