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Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed

Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed
Seasoned seaweed  [2014/11/10]
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Seasoned seaweed

Seasoned Seaweed "Jae-Lae"
Laver, Corn oil, Sesame oil, Salt
(5sheets x 5pkg) x 10pkg
620CS / 20FT
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Special Feature

  • It is a special product of the south seaside.
    From old times , it is recognized of quality's superiority.
    It contains a mineral, albumin, about 8 different species of vitamin B, fiber, calcium, iron content , iodine.
    so it is good for the health.
    Its a main materials is a good laver of the south seaside.
    Because of roasting by the sesame oil, so its taste and smell is excellenet.

Efficacy of Nori

  • Nori itself is a natural food. Nori contains much of nutrition such as protein for digestion, carbohydrate for energy, calcium and phosphorus for bone and teeth strength, ferrous for hemoglobin of red corpuscle and Vitamin A, B, B2, and C.
    Nori has been a part of the daily diet in the Orient for centuries. It comes from the sea, abundant in natural vitamins and minerals. Although it has no distinct taste, Nori has a rich aroma which can be incorporated into many of your everyday dishes.
    Nori has been generally used for Japanese Sushi or Asian cuisine. It is recognized as nutritious food these days.
    Nori Seaweed is ideal diet food with low calories and helpful for reducing your cholesterol. To maintain your health, eat 2 sheets of Nori everyday.

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