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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Bottled Water -Cheong Jung Soo  [2015/01/16]
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Bottled Water -Cheong Jung Soo

Bottled Water

The cleanness of water obtained only from nature! DMZ natural mineral water is premium water, we are a reliable water bottling company that has received NSF and HACCP certificatess from the Public Health & Safety Organization of the U.S. for the first time. DMZ natural mineral water is distributed by LOTTE Chilsung Co., Ltd. a korea's reliable beverage company and supplied to military forces and for export.

DMZ CHEONG JUNG SOO is supplied to military forces and for export.
LOGIN will take care of servicement's health.

Water quality varies

  • Weakly alkaline water(pH 7.7-7.8:U.S. NSF certified on Mar. 28. 2011) beneficial to health
  • Soft water for drinking at 50 water hardness
  • Safe water against harmful factors such as bromate, heavy metals, radioactive isotopes and toxins
  • Mineral-rich water beneficial to health

DMZ(Demilitarized zone)

Treasure house of ecosystsms
This is the only place in the world where ecosystsm have remained untouched over last 60 years

Worldwide cultural inheritance
The Korean DMZ is, as a place of clean and pure nature, attracting worldwide attention and interest and the Ministry of Environment is pursuing the designation of the DMZ as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve till 2012

Considerations for drinking bottled water

1. Is it safe?
Bottled water should have no color, odor, pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals or carcinogenic bases.

2. Is it delicious and beneficial to our body?
Quantitative analysis of water by Professor Hashimoto at Osaka University, Japan

Ki>5.2, Oi>2
Delicious & healthy water
Grade A
Ki>5.2, Oi<2
Healthy water
Grade B
Ki<5.2, Oi>2
Delicious Water
Grade C
Ki<5.2, Oi<2
No delicious, No healthy water
Grade D
Ki(K index): K index considers water-soluble minerals affecting human body. Higher index than Ki5.2 means healthy water.
Oi(O index): O index considers the composition of minerals for delicious water. Higher index than Oi2.0 means delicious water.

Safe Drinking Water Standard (Grade A)

  • DMZ CHEONG JUNG SOO is safe against bronate, heavy metals, toxins and radioactive isotopes
  • DMZ CHEONG JUNG SOO is delicious and healthy water with Grade A(Ki 15.2 and Oi 3.9)
  • DMZ CHEONG JUNG SOO is weakly alkaline water at pH 7.7-7.8(Alkaline>7.0(neutral)>acidic)
  • DMZ CHEONG JUNG SOO is soft for drinking with 50 water hardness

U.S. NSF & HACCP certified Water

NSF(U.S. National Sanitation Foundation) certification evaluates the suitability of products by establishing the standards for specification development, education provision and safety for public safety and environment protection.

HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification is a food safety management system that analyzes hazardous factors occurring from manufacturing, processing, preserving to distributing processes of food raw materials and focuses on the critical control points for independent, systematic and effective management of food manufacturing.

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