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baegasan cauliflower farming association corporation



cauliflower mushrooms (dried)  [2014/07/04]
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cauliflower mushrooms (dried)

● Sparassis crispa  //  cauliflower mushrooms

It is known that there are 17 species in this genus across
the world but only one species of Sparassis crispa is found around the country in coniferous
forests of alpine regions such as Jirisan in Gangwondo .
The mushroom cap is lemon yellow on a white
background and is packed with waving petals and it has
a round appearance. So it is called cauliflower mushroom in English.


● lngredients and efficacy

Contains immune active substance β-Glucan up to(43.6g/100g)
Contains β-Glucan four times more than in other mushrooms
(Grifola frondosa, Agaricus, Ganoderma lucidum and etc)
By comparison with shade plants including all mushrooms
(Ganoderma lucidum, Phellinus linteus, Agaricus), Ginseng
and wild ginseng, Sparassis crispa is the world’s only mushroom that grows in the sun


● Immune active substance β-glucan

β-glucan is a natural antibiotic against cancer, tumors, etc
and promotes production of immune active ingredients
(interleukin, interferon) to enhance defence mechanism
against cancer cells. lt holds the key of anti-tumor (anti-cancer)
effects. the amount of β-glucan contained in sparassis crispa is
three times higher than that in Agaricus.


● Function and efficacy of β-glucan

β-glucan does not directly attack cancer cells but it activates
macrophages, killer T cells and NK cells due to a non-specific
immune response to enhance immunity dunction of depressed
human normal cells, and therefore producion of active
ingredients (interleukin, interferon) is promoted to enhance
defence mechanism against cancer cells.

Study results on anti-cancer effects: lung cancer, liver
cancer, gastric cancer, etc
- Comparative analysis with paclitaxel, a representative anti-
cancer drug against lung cancer
- The effect of β-glucan was five times higher for lung
cancer, twice higher for liver cancer than that of paclitaxel
and the same for gastric cancer.


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