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Shrimp Powder (40g)  [2014/03/13]
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Shrimp Powder (40g)

Shrimp powder (40g)

Natural seasoning agent containing the wisdom of nature
Pure Korean shrimps are finely grinded to be used for food that needs a harmonization with a clean taste. This product is also ideal for use as a seasoning powder for providing the natural taste to various stews and soups.

The product is a natural seasoning agent that upgrades the level of completion of cooking by enriching the taste and flavor of food.

Content of ingredients: 100% shrimp powder

Ingredients in Hamcho(Salicornia herbacea L).
Why is Hamcho good for human health?

- More than 90 kinds of minerals
- Essential amino acid
- Ca : 7 times higher than milk.
- Valine
- K : 3 times higher than oyster.
- Leucine
- Fe : 40 times higher than sea-mustard, sea-tangle.
- Histidine
- Dietary fiber and iodine.

Point 01

From growing directly to the processing and marketing.
Reliable Hamcho(Salicornia herbacea L) produced by Haneulnoori.
We have approx. 330,000m2 of Hamcho plantations around the clean area of Suncheon Bay/ 10,0002 of processing facilities, through which the most reliable products of Hamcho can be produced and distributed.

Point 02

Organic Hamcho has been cultivated in the ecological city of Suncheon Bay.
Suncheon Bay, as one of five coastal wetlands in the world designated by the Ramsar Convention, has preserved tidal mudflat.
This area was the backdrop of the novel "Moojin Gihaeng" written by Kim Seung-ok and appointed as the most scenic area across the nation by the Korea Tourism Corporation. Since then, many tourists and photographers visited this region which has been a famous natural habitat for migratory birds and benthic organism.

Point 03

Organic Hamcho cultivated by a director of Traditional Salt Research Institute with his utmost sincerity.
This is the right place where organic Hamcho is growing.
You may be touched by the devotion of a director of Traditional Salt Research Institute, who has cultivated Hamcho as his kids.
He takes care of Hamcho very carefully.
We recommend organic Hamcho, cultivated by grower's utmost care and devotion.

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