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Fat, Oil

Fat, Oil
MARGARINE  [2013/01/03]
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A margarine produced ideal for cooking and baking to a golden perfection pastries to create desired creamy-Flavoured crispy crust. Appropriate for home and industrial consumption.



Baking cakes, breads, tarts, pies and puddings-Great as a sautéing medium for flavoured rice such as Chicken Rice and Tomato Rice. Delicious thickening agent for soups and stews. Used for local delights such as curry puffs, MARVELLOSO creates the desired crispy crust with a slightly milky flavour.



• Ideal for cooking and baking
• Rich in vitamin E
• High in Monounsaturates
No Trans Fatty Acid
• Cholesterol and Lactose Free

• Superior Taste Award by International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) Brussel, German
1.Shortening for Margarine
Specially formulated as main ingredients for margarine product. With no added flavor, gives advantage to add your chosen flavor into the product
2.Omega 3 Margarine
Have no trans fat and are non-hydrogenated, a balanced blend essential fatty acids low in saturated fat and fortified with omega-3 fatty-acid
3.Trans Fat Free Low Fat Spread
Contains no trans fat, are non-hydrogenated and have a nice, subtle flavor and pleasant mouth-feel. This is a great lower fat option for daily consumption.
4.Trans Fat Free Pastry Margarine
Pastry Margarine is specially formulated to produce best quality pastries. Great for pastry products such as pies, tarts and other puff pastries such as croissant and curry puff. It has the plasticity to withstand the pastry rolling processes.
5.Shelf stable soft margarine
Premium-quality soft margarine made from a blend of Palm Oil and Sunflower Oil. Its special formulation allows for easy spreading straight from the fridge.

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