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Vegetable plaiting material

Vegetable plaiting material
Natural Vegetable Side Dishes  [2014/11/17]
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Natural Vegetable Side Dishes

Natural vegetable side dishes

Namul, vegetable side dishe, is the Korean traditional food with abundant nutritions which is produced for Bibimbap and general side dishes.

Mix namul
Bean sprouts abundant with fibroid material and vitamin, radish and carrot that contains vitamin A, sweet potato stem abundant with minerals are seasoned as Korean traditional "four-color namul"
Bean sprouts namul
Bean sprouts with vital activation elements including fibroid material, aspartic acid, vitamin C are seasoned with diverse spices.
Mushroom namul
Fresh mushrooms suppress accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and prevents high blood pressure.
Bracken namul
Bracken is abundant with potassium, calcium and protein that are good for health.
Bibimbap namul
Spinach, bean sprouts, radishes, carrots and sweet potato stems are mixed with seeasonings that give the taste of mother's recipe as Korean traditional "Bibimbap namul"
Spinach namul
The spinach which is abundant vitamin andnminerals is seasoned with diverse spices.
Balloon flower root namul
Balloon flower's main component is saponin which is good for curing fever, lung, tonsil and diarrhea.

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