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Natural Kimchi  [2014/11/17]
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Natural Kimchi

Korean Kimchi

Kimchi has a lot of healthy yogurt that is created during its fermentation. The Kimchi yogurt helps digestion, and especially has excellent anticancer substance and is very effective in preventing cancer. This surprising effectiveness of Kimchi is known to the whole world, and it is one of the best healthy food that is acknowledge in the world.

Bundle cabbage kimchi
Seasoning made with selected ingredients are filled up in each leaf of cabbage. It is ripen and fermented Korean traditional bundle kimchi.
Healthy uri kimchi
Selected ingredients and the best seasonong are mixed well, ripen and fermented as Korean traditional kimchi.
Cabbage kimchi
Diverse ingredients are harmonized well as properly ripen and fermented Korean traditional kimchi.
Premium shrimp pot kimchi
Two kinds of high quality salted pickles are mixed with seasonings. It is ripen and fermented in a pot as the best quality premium kimchi.
Chong-gak kimchi
Fresh chong-gak radish is used in the clean production facility to make this tasty Korean traditional kimchi
Tasty cabbage kimchi
Diverse ingredients are mixed well, properly ripen and fermented as Korea traditional kimchi.
Crispy uri kkag-du-ki
Fresh and crispy radishes are cut into pieces. This is Korean traditionsl kkag-du-ki kimchi with delicious and crispy taste.
Hot sauce
Korean traditional chilli paste and fresh vegetables added with tomato puree as unique taste premium sauce.

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