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Preps. of Vegs., Fruit, Nuts

Preps. of Vegs., Fruit, Nuts
King Oyster Mushroom  [2014/12/22]
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King Oyster Mushroom

The King Oyster Mushroom contains seven times more vitamin C than the oyster mushroom and ten times more vitamin C than the Enoki mushroom. It contains plenty of vitamin B6, which is rare in other mushrooms, and vitamin B12, good for pernicious anemia. Also, King Oyster Mushroom contains a lot of essential amino acid and contains minerals such as Ca, Fe more than other mushroom, and it helps to make metabolism smooth.

The gift from above-king oyster mushroom, produced in Korea

With low calories and plenty of fiber, the all-natural king oyster mushroom facilitate stress relief and skin treatment. Containing the anti-aging component beta-glucan, king oyster mushroom strengthen immunity of the human body, and they are the most effective in preventing cancer and various geriatric diseases.

  • High content of Vitamin C, great for beauty and diet
  • High content of Vitamin B6, barely found in other mushrooms
  • Also contains Vitamin B12, the healting factor for pernicious anemia
  • Also contains 9 out of the 10 essential amino acids.

Selecting Good King Oyster Mushrooms

  • Clear distinction between the stalk and cap, thick and straight stalks
  • The membrane between the cap and stalk is intact.
  • Thick, hard and elastically flesh
  • Mushrooms maintaining a unique color
  • Free of contaimination from handling.;

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