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Pine mushroom, Oak mushroom

Pine mushroom, Oak mushroom
Saesongi Mushroom  [2014/11/17]
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Saesongi Mushroom

King Oyster Mushroom

The microscopic structure of king oyster mushroom is elaborate to give fine integrity and has a long shelf-life due to its low moisture content, which is the greatest advantage in terms of all mushrooms.

King oyster mushroom contains seven times the vitamin C of oyster mushroom and ten times that of enoki mushroom. It also has, in large amounts, vitamin B6 which is the rare type of vitamin amongst mushrooms and minerals such as calcium, iron etc., to promote metabolism, all of which are found only in small amounts in other mushrooms.


Good for health and beauty

It lowers blood glucose and cholesterol levels and contains polyphenol which functions as an antioxidant to suppress aging, colds, allergies and improves the immune system. It also has a role in suppressing the carcinogen nitrous acid.

It has high dietary fiber content, abundant in vitamin C and B and low calorie.
Simply yet diverse recipes.

It ranges from simple methods such as grilling, vegetable frying to oyster mushroom vege-rolls, bacon oyster mushroom kebabs, oyster mushroom steak etc., and it can be in good harmony with most cooking ingredients. You will definitely be amazed by its taste.


High quality king oyster mushroom that is able to keep at least 30days the expiration date

- King oyster mushroom 4Kg box (400g x 10ea) - King oyster mushroom 4~6ea in 400g vinyl , Bunch
- King oyster mushroom 4Kg box (2kg x 2ea) - Bulk

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