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Coffee, Spices

Coffee, Spices
Honey Story Honey Tea  [2015/06/11]
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Honey Story Honey Tea

Enjoy Sweet Herb Tea in a Convenient Way

Nokchawon Co., Ltd. is a representative Korean producer of green tea. Recently, the company has released a product named Honey Story Honey Tea. In this product, honey is added to herb tea in order to reduce the bitter taste of the herbs and thereby make the tea more enjoyable.
Nokchawon Co., Ltd. made a pilot introduction of Honey Story Honey Tea at the Seoul Int’l Cafe Show last November.
With its sweet taste and fragrance, the product immediately received a positive response, and now the company has decided to launch it on the market.






Tea Bags of Three Flavors…Efforts to Advance Overseas

Honey Story Honey Tea comes in three flavors: chamomile (has a soothing effect), mint sage (good for clearing one’s head and refreshing the mouth), and rooibos vanilla (with 50 times more antioxidants than green tea). The product was created to let consumers who like both herb tea and honey tea enjoy both types of tea according to their taste. If you put a tea bag in a cup with hot water and brew it for a short time, you can enjoy simple and sweet herb tea. The longer you infuse the tea, the sweeter it will become.
One staff member of Nokchawon Co., Ltd. said, “Although Honey Story Honey Tea has just entered the domestic market, we are already getting inquiries from overseas buyers. We will do our best to export a variety of excellent products―not only herb tea but also green tea and traditional Korean tea.”




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