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Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed

Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed
Turmeric Cheonggukjang  [2016/06/13]
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Turmeric Cheonggukjang

Turmeric Cheonggukjang(fast-fermented bean paste)
Tumeric cheonggukjang being born again as a wellbeing product that grafted the effect of cheonggukjang and the effect of turmeric and raised the efficacy is a product that turmeric is added to increase taste and nutrition, which was produced to go a little closely to even children disliking Cheonggukjang.
Also, it is supplied with 12 months of the shelf life by freezing in consideration of the short shelf life.

Characteristics and efficacy

1) The place of origin and application of turmeric
The tropical zone such as India etc is the place of origin and turmeric which is the plant of alligator pepper is produced a lot in the southern area such as Jindo etc in Korea and contrariness Tumeric cheonggukjang made Tumeric cheonggukjang using 100% Jindo turmeric only.

2) Efficacy of turmeric
The efficacy of turmeric is well known for, when summarizing the research about recent biological activity, promotion of liver detoxification, promotion of bile secretion, removal of bile duct stones, cardiac, diuresis, antih(a)emorrhagic, antibiosis, antiulcer, suppression of cholesterol, elimination of myeloma cell, progress blocking effect of multiple sclerosis etc and particularly various ingredients of turmeric in addition to CURCUMIN if turmeric are well known for panacea. Especially, turmeric has an efficacy in cancer(specially breast cancer), prevention of dementia, hangover cures, fatness etc.

3) Effect of turmeric

1. Stomach and intestines - Control of gastric acid secretion, gastritis, stomachic, stomach ulcer
2. Liver and intestines - Promotion of bile secretion, function improvement of liver detoxification, gallstone composition, jaundice, disease of liver and intestines, cholangitis, hepatitis(chronic hepatitis, B,C type hepatitis)
3. Womb - menstrual irregularity, menstrual pain, uterine myoma, afterpain, amenorrhea
4. Heart - hardening of the arteries, blood circulation activity, a coronary artery reflex deformity reduction, cardiac action, high blood pressure.
5. Antioxidative action - prevention of anti-aging, bisabolol, antibiosis action


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