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Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed

Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed
Contrariness Cheonggukjang  [2016/09/13]
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Contrariness Cheonggukjang

Contrariness Cheonggukjang
Contrariness Cheonggukjang was made using native small seeded white corvania of medium size suitable for Cheonggukjang out of the best white corvanias which is 100% contract-cultivated domestically as raw material.

Being pure cultured bacteria during fermentation process out of the traditional methods every process of keeping soybean soaked in water and boiled and fermented, it is more excellent in flavor and taste than other Cheonggukjang and can be preserved for a long time.

Especially, as we maintain constant temperature and humidity so that bacillus can be in full activity, Poly Glutamic Acid that soybean is well fermented is much generated and has a relatively small smell.

We automatically controlled fermentation temperature to prevent the loss of effective bacillus and maximized the efficacy of Cheonggukjang.

The traditional method is to keep soybean soaked using straw, but it is the product being supplied to consumers as sanitary and safe food by complementing unsanitary things such as various germs in question and bacillus cereus etc and using purely separated germs in the traditional method

* Main ingredients: soybean, red pepper seed powder, salt

Efficacy & effect

1. Anti-cancer effect
Genistein in Cheonggukjang is excellent anti-cancer substance, which has an effect of suppressing cancer cell division, as it loosens cancer metastasis and helps to prevent cancer.

2. Effect of preventing stroke
Cheonggukjang prevents the blood vessel of the brain from getting blocked due to thrombus.
"Subtilisin nat" ingredient which is thrombolysis enzyme has an effect of preventing a stroke dissolving congealed thrombus.

3. Effect of preventing constipation
Cheonggukjang contains 5 times more fibroid material than other foods, helps to relieve constipation due to high water retention rate and has an effect of stopping diarrhea caused by intestinal effect of bacillus germ.

4. Effect of depressing blood pressure
The ingredient of Cheonggukjang lowers cholesterol and it is called natural depressant.
Bacillus germ of Cheonggukjang inhibits and prevents the activity of ACE enzyme which is the cause of high pressure and helps to control blood pressure.

5. Improvement of diabetes
It has an effect of improving diabetes of a complication as secretion of insulin is not made properly due to diabetes and sugar in blood is not absorbed. Trypsin material contained in Cheonggukjang affects the pancreas and has an effect of promoting insulin secretion.

6. Improvement effect of liver function & hangover
Cheonggukjang boosts alcoholysis of vitamin B2 and relieves the burden of liver and has an effect of improving hangover.

7. Dementia effect
As Lecithin ingredient is dissolved and acetyl choline material is increased, Cheonggukjang has an effect of improving dementia.

8. Natural blood-forming medicine preventing anemia.
As Cheonggukjang contains not only 3.3 mg of iron per 100g, but also vitamin B12 preventing pernicious anemia, it helps to prevent anemia.

9. Prevention agent for heart disease & sudden death
Heart disease and sudden death occurs in the event that the coronary arteries supplying heart with oxygen and nutrition are blocked due to thrombus.
Bacillus protein decomposition enzyme in Cheonggukjang plays a role of melting thrombus that can be existed in heart-related blood vessel.

10. Natural calcium agent preventing osteoporosis
Cheonggukjang is high calcium food containing 90mg calcium per 100g Cheonggukjang. If calcium is taken in with good quality of protein, absorption rate gets high and Cheonggukjang raises human body absorption rate of calcium as it is rich in good quality of protein, vitamin K and genistein.

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