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Contrariness Fish Soy Sauce  [2016/09/13]
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Contrariness Fish Soy Sauce

Contrariness fish soy sauce
We use only anchovy and bay salt which are special products of uncontaminated area of the southern sea, naturally ferment for a long time to make fermented anchovy sauce(raw material of fish soy sauce) that nutrition ingredients of amino acid, unsaturated fatty acid(DHA), calcium, inorganic matter are melted.

Fermented soybeans are put in fish soy sauce with seamen wisdom in Tongyoung, being ripened for eating to add taste and nutrition ingredient to fermented anchovy sauce.

As a fish soy sauce which is the originator of nutritive value, representing food culture, it goes through the second manufacturing process.

The soybean sauce that can't be omitted on our table now is natural fish soy sauce and can be
called a representative traditional food that nutritive ingredients(natural amino acid, calcium, inorganic matter etc and useful ingredient of domestic bean) are harmonized together.

Fish soy sauce?
If fermented anchovy sauce that anchovies of uncontaminated southern sea were naturally fermented with bay salt is fermented for 2 years, when the amino acid in this anchovy undiluted solution is over proper amount, the soybean sauce made through the second fermentation after mixing anchovy undiluted solution with the soybean sauce undiluted solution made with fermented soybeans at the proper rate is called fish soy sauce product.

Fish soy sauce is the first fermented soy sauce that seamen made and ate to eat for multi-purposes in the seaside of Choongmu, southern coast in the past.

Characteristics of fish soy sauce

Fish soy sauce is the health food containing a large amount of mineral, unsaturated fatty acid(DHA) and calcium etc and especially, as it is rich in natural glutamine acid of amino acids, it is fish soy sauce making flavor.

We naturally ferment anchovy captured in the southern coast which is good raw material and use the undiluted solution.

It is fish soy sauce of a high nutrition well-matched with flavor rich in amino acid ingredient as we use soy sauce that fermented soybeans were naturally fermented, containing essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acid(DHA), calcium, inorganic matter etc through natural ripening without adding chemical additive.

It is the tasty natural seasoning fish soy sauce without fishy smell and various smells made through long maturing process.

As the soybean sauce using soybean to make fermented soybean, the traditional soybean sauce taste made through natural fermentation of anchovy of sea fish and the manufacturing method of fish sauce are excellent, the nutritive ingredients of fish soy sauce has a high digestion absorption rate, being well-matched with any food.

Fish soy sauce can be used for multiple purposes which are broiled meat seasoning, soybean sauce such as sashimi, fried food, assorted pan-fried delicacies etc and kimchi, soups, vegetable pickled and seasoned vegetable

Also, it is a good product for gift which will be used for the festive days or outdoor activities as it can make flavor right even if making food in the busy life of recent days.

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