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Scent Stays in Your Cup  [2016/03/17]
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Scent Stays in Your Cup

Mascarpone Cheese
It can be used for all the menus including premium cheese powder with plenty of Mascapone cheese fragrance and flavor which is a flower of the dessert, cheese lattes, shaved ice, cake, cookies, ice cream, etc.
Jujube Latte
Non-irritating delicate fragrance and nutrition of 100% domestically produced jujube added more flavor.
Sweet Pumpkin Latte
100% domestically produced sweet pumpkin latte containing the necessary nutrition to create a sweet taste.
Seven Grain Latte
Contains easy health food for adults and seven kinds of grains domestically produced to create savory flavor.
Green Tea Latte Premium
Creates richer flavor of green tea by utilizing 15% content of the highest organic green tea of Jeju, so it ensures premium powder and best taste and aroma.
Green Tea Latte
You can enjoy the softness of green tea latte powder and green tea latte that use the highest organic green tea of Jeju.
Earlgrey Tea Latte
The powder containing earlgrey features with good aroma without astringent flavor and is made with full of rich flavor of black tea.
English Breakfast Tea Latte
You can enjoy British tea's natural flavor that strengthens the advantage of English breakfast tea which strong but balmy.
Contains "Taro" that is Southeast Asian specialties to create savory flavor of rich starch!
Vanilla Frappe
The perfect blend you can smoothly feel strong vanilla aromas and flavors! It presents a sweet and smooth taste.
Yogurt Smoothie
Yogurt smoothie powder that contains full of refreshing yoghurt. You can feel fresh and sweet taste.
Yogurt Soft
The perfect balance of the taste and aroma of fresh yoghurt you can enjoy with ice cream powder! It serves the best taste.
Dark Chocolate
The powder that maximizes the natural taste of dark chocolate! You can enjoy deep and rich flavor of chocolate.
Dark Javachip
Dark Javachip full in the mouth! Chocolate and coffee flavors are harmoniously blended to make sweet and astringent flavors.
Mint Choco Frappe
Meeting of refreshing mint and sweet chocolate. It presents a cool and refreshing feeling in your mouth.

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