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Ourhome Licorice Kimchi  [2015/06/05]
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Ourhome Licorice Kimchi

Naturally Sweet Taste Because of the Addition of Licorice


Licorice is a medicinal herb. These days, it is coming into the spotlight as a natural ingredient that is more than 50 times as sweet as sugar.
Korean food producer Ourhome has released a sugar-free kimchi product Licorice Kimchi made with licorice, a specialty of Jecheon City (in North Chungcheong Province). The product is receiving a favorable response from consumers. Most kimchi products are made with some sugar to facilitate lactic acid bacteria fermentation, but Ourhome’s Licorice Kimchi achieves the sweet taste with licorice, a natural sweetener.



The Concept of Sugar-Free, Premium Kimchi… Healthy and Flavorful

Ourhome’s Licorice Kimchi also contains onion and pear, which make its taste simple and refreshing. What’s more, it uses fewer artificial seasonings while being fortified with natural extracts (of kelp and shiitake), anchovy sauce, and shrimp sauce. This natural kimchi product is manufactured on a highly hygienic production line according to the standards of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).
Ourhome is considering exports of Licorice Kimchi under the concept of “sugar-free, premium kimchi.” To ensure steady production of Licorice Kimchi, the company is planning to build, in cooperation with Jecheon City, a mass production system for licorice.
It will also expand the facilities for producing licorice kimchi by the end of this year. 




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