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Prepared cereals

Prepared cereals
Paldo Pororo Cup Jjajang  [2016/08/16]
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Paldo Pororo Cup Jjajang

Paldo Pororo Cup Jjajang

Korean instant noodle producer Paldo has released a new product: Pororo Cup Jjajang. It is an instant jjajang-myeon (noodles with black soybean sauce) product with packaging that features Pororo, an animated character popular in Korea and overseas.
Pororo Cup Jjajang is targeted at children. It contains less sodium but more calcium than other cupped noodle products. There are 600mg of sodium in one serving of Pororo Cup Jjajang. That is about 250mg less than the average 800-850mg of sodium found in similar products. Pororo Cup Jjajang also contains 240mg of calcium, which is good for children’s growth. In addition, the product is relatively low in calories (290kcal) and uses a minimal amount of artificial additives such as colors.


Less Sodium More Vegetables―Peas, Cabbage, etc.

Pororo Cup Jjajang includes a generous quantity of vegetables―peas, cabbage, and so on―and has a good flavor, so it makes a nutritious dish for children.
The product is actively sold in Korea in large supermarkets, convenience stores, some 200 kid cafes (in the Seoul area), and Pororo Park (an amusement park). As Paldo’s Pororo animated beverage for kids is already enjoying popularity in China, the company is planning to advance Pororo Cup Jjajang into the Chinese market.




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