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Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed

Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed
Olive Nokcha(Green Tea) Laver  [2016/03/07]
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Olive Nokcha(Green Tea) Laver

Olive nokcha(Green Tea) Laver

Weight : 2g, 5g, 20g
Business permit: No. 1-61 of Gimcheon City, Gyeongbuk
Type of the food : Seasoned laver
Raw materials and content : Laver 81% (Korean products), olive oil 12%, (importation), Green Tea Powder3%(Korean products),sesame oil, bay salt

How to keep : Keep in a cool place avoiding direct
sunlight and take quickly after opening, and if keep the product left in a freezing compartment, laver's taste and fragrance remains as it is.

Manufacturer : Penguin .nsf. Co Ltd 2102 Byeokso-Lo, Nongso-Myeon, Gimcheon City, Gyeongbuk
Customer service : 82-54-435-0007
Expiry date: Until the front top indication date

Packing material : Polypropylene (inside packing)
Usage : 2g-Restaurant, side dish 5g-Lunch, side dish 20g-Side dish

Efficacy: Align ingredient containing laver prevents absorption of cholesterol into the body. It has small amount of 19Kcal with high protein. Thus it is good to complement protein upon diet.

Product : Seasoned Laver(2g)
EA/1CT : 2g x 10EA x 30EA=1CT
Price(FOB) : 27.50 USD
Product : Seasoned Laver(5g)
EA/1CT : 5g x 3EA x 24EA=1CT
Price(FOB) : 13.20 USD
Product : Seasoned Laver(20g)
EA/1CT :2g x 10EA x 40EA=1CT
Price(FOB) : 24.00 USD

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