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Korean Honey Liquid Red Ginseng  [2016/06/09]
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Korean Honey Liquid Red Ginseng

Korean Honey Liquid Red Ginseng

ENT WT 50ml x 30ea

Red Ginseng Extract made with blended mixture of 6 year old Red Ginseng Extract and honey, to reduce the bitterness for easy intake.

Produced by Korean master artisan
We were first to produce 6 year old ginseng roots in Punggi. In 1998, we independantly developed ginseng seedling production technology. We were selected as master ginseng artisan in ginseng cultivation field due to our success in cultivation, production, distribution and export. Kim Jeong-hwan, the president, cultivates and processes the raw ginseng in person with 45 years of experience.

Made with Punggi Ginseng, which were supplied to royal court of Chosun.
Kim Jeong-hwan Red Ginseng are carefully selected and processed product of 6 year old ginseng grown in Punggi region which is the home to wild ginseng. Punggi ginseng are the root of Koryo ginseng and were used in royal court of Chosun Dynasty.

Korean Red Ginseng in the world
Kim Jeong-hwan Red Ginseng are exported to U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and South East Asian countries and are highly recognized worldwide.

  • Passed food safety test conducted by multinational clinical testing agency COVANCE.
  • Registered "Kim Jeong-hwan Red Ginseng" trademark in all regions U.S.
  • Registered products in Food and Drug Administration(FDA) of U.S.

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Punggi Ginseng Farming Corporation is a specialized red ginseng manufacturer established in the name of South Korea's ginseng master of 45 years, Jeong-Hwan Kim.