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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
ANJOLINA  [2015/01/28]
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ANJOLINA, patent pending(10-2013-0025868), is a beverage for exterminating drowsiness, it is first-class beverage whose main ingredients are Capsacin and mustard extracted from red pepper, ANJOLINA is ideally mixed with fresh taste of lemon and spicy flavor without caffeine.

No Caffeine
Because of exterminating drowsiness´╝îthis beverage has became a favorable beverage for student, driver, company staff.
In addition it is good for people after drunk.

Purified Water, Sugar, Citric acid, Lemon concentrate (by7% Lemon Juice, made from Israel), Taurine, Combined Congener(lemon flavoring, lime flavoring , menthol flavoring), Pectin, Vitamin C, capsaicin powder ((Oleoresin, Oleoresin Paprika , Polysorbate, dextrin), Oleoresin Paprika , dextrin), asparagine, Lac Color , Grapefruit Seed Extract , mustard powder

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