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Preps. of Vegs., Fruit, Nuts

Preps. of Vegs., Fruit, Nuts
Muscovado Black Raspberry Juice  [2015/01/20]
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Muscovado Black Raspberry Juice

Muscovado Black Raspberry Juice

Black raspberry (Bok Bun Ja), a Korean Traditional Medicine ingredient, literally means, "turning over urinal". To maximize black raspberry’s pharmacological actionas an antioxidant and cancer preventive agent, as well as itshypoglycemiceffectand antihypertensiveaction, our products do not add a single drop of water.

Also, in order not to add any preservatives, we've shortened the expiration dates and only use the antibacterial bottles approved by the FDA. By blending 90% of black Raspberry and 10% of mineral rich Muscovado(unrefined brown sugar from sugarcane), Purple Tree drinks have clear and pure taste, without stickiness or a bitter aftertaste. The drinks are a natural juice, so that one can enjoy the taste of nature and promote health at the same time.

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