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Cereal, Milling products

Cereal, Milling products
Freeze-dried rice germ stick  [2015/03/21]
(Freeze-dried rice germ stick NO3)
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Freeze-dried rice germ stick

Rice germ(embryo), as one of the functional foods, contains plenty of predominant nutrients that are essential for the growing children, students in need of learning ability and good memory, such as octacosanol, alpha-tocopherol, gamma-orizanol, GAVA, linoleic acid, beta-sisterol and so on.
From old times, people cooked brown rice for healing purpose and chewed the rice more than 80 times as a good example of preventing diabetes and various adult diseases

RICE GERM SOK-A-RA. made from 100% domestic brown rice by adopting freeze-drying process system, has plenty of natural nutrients.
Based on our patented technology of rice germ sorting/processing method, we have strived to produce the most safe and reliable product as of today.

Mix it with yogurt, milk, powdered milk, baby food to enhance nutrient intake and its taste.
Snack for students(examinees).
Good meal substitution food as a raw material for sunsik.
Nourishing porridge for patients.
Add to stew, broth, ramen and so on.

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