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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Platycodin Royal Vinegar, Platycodin Royal Vinegar Drink  [2016/06/28]
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Platycodin Royal Vinegar, Platycodin Royal Vinegar Drink

Platycodin Royal Vinegar, Platycodin Royal Vinegar Drink

Product specifications

Raw materials: 3~4-year-root platycodon grandiflorum (no agrichemicals certified), spring time honey, oligosaccharides, traditional brown rice-fermented vinegar, Schisandra chinensis syrup
500ml glass bottle, / royal vinegar drink- 100ml, 70ml pouch


A concentrated healing product of soft taste that the properties of platycodon, honey in spring and brown rice-fermented vinegar got joined together.
Perennial root platycodon of Hwangchowon is the medicinal platycodon which got over a root rot disease at a clean area without herbicide and agrichemicals and its own saponin gets joined together with sugar unlike young platycodon so it is outstanding in terms of taste, flavor and function.

Product keyword : Platycodon royal vinegar, platycodon, minute dust, sandy dust, beverage, healing beverage, healing food, medicinal food, medicinal beverage, between meals, kids snack, respiratory organs, saponin, inulin, intestinal health, throat health

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