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Prepared cereals

Prepared cereals
Gukmuljajak  [2015/01/28]
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Convenient to Cook Ramen with Thick Broth


Samyang Foods Co., Ltd.―a representative Korean ramen company―has recently released a new product with a thicker, strong-tasting soup.
The name of the new product, Gukmuljajak, is a compound word of gukmul (soup) and jajak (from jajakhada, little liquid).
Just as the name suggests, Gukmuljajak is made with a smaller quantity of water than other ramen products and has a thicker soup.


Goes Well with Bread or Rice


Gukmuljajak comes in two types: Cheese Curry with soft cheese and Rapokki, a typical Korean spicy dish. Cheese Curry tastes clean thanks to the harmony of the powdered mozzarella cheese made of Korean milk and the strong flavor of curry.
The sauce of Rapokki lets you enjoy the sweet and spicy taste of gochujang (red pepper paste).
Another characteristic of Gukmuljajak is that you can use the soup as a dipping sauce or spread. If you spread the Chess Curry liquid on a piece of bread or a croissant, you can enjoy the strong taste of curry. Rapokki tastes even better if you dip some gimbap (rice rolled in dried seaweed) or jumeokbap (rice balls) in it.
Gukmuljajak is becoming increasingly popular among young consumers as a snack and can be enjoyed in a trendy scene. 


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